• Production

    LASTOR MEDIA Lastor Media is a production company based in Barcelona, devoted to the development, production and dissemination of international audiovisual projects. Recent projects include the documentary Hispano-Ecuadorian Welcome to Your Family and the telefilm Casals (a project supported by the MEDIA program and a co-production between Spain, Puerto Rico and France). Lastor Media was founded by producers and Danielle Schleif Tono Folguera, a team committed to the development and media production for over 20 years. Productions to emphasize Tono Folguera are Balseros (Documentary Oscar nominee and Emmy-winning), Septiembres (Finalist IDFA), Hispano-French coproduction Bucharest: Una memoria perdida and documentary Bicicleta, Manzana y Cuchara (Awarded to Goya) director Carles Bosch.

    43 FILMS is an audiovisual production company created in April 2004 which aims not only the production of audiovisual projects, but also the promotion and dissemination of such projects. 43 Films aims to seek funding and to complete projects of short, medium and feature films, documentaries, music videos, animated films, television series, and possibly editing of DVD compilation of short films.

    MUNDIS PRODUCTION Created in 2003, Mundis Production is a production company based in Madrid, specializing in documentaries for the international television market, with particular attention to projects developing a unique perspective on people and landscapes of distant lands. His latest productions have filmed in Angola, Mongolia, Turks and Caicos, Kurdistan and Lebanon.

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